Doing great coaching does not have to be ‘hard’, but it certainly isn’t simple. Coaching Supervision is there to help coaches navigate the complexities, expand their perspective and reflect on their own work in a safe space.  Coaching Supervision can be particularly beneficial for:
  • Helping to get ‘unstuck’ in work with a particular client
  • Taking time to think and reflect on the work, on your clients- and on yourself
  • Identifying potential ‘blind spots’ that may be holding you back
  • Gaining additional coaching tools
  • Addressing ethical boundaries
  • Sharpening you own identity and unique value-add as a coach
Eyal has been supervising coaches for over a decade, supporting dozens of coaches and coaches-in-training. Eyal’s psychology background also enables him to support coaches with reflection and perspectives to ‘go deeper’ and work with clients’- as well as their own- motivators, ‘internal conversations’ and beliefs. Eyal supervises both coaches who are earlier in their career, as well as experienced coaches who want to continue to develop their practice. Contact Us if you would to find out more.

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