Helping leaders succeed

Executive Coaching

Dr. Eyal Pavell coaches leaders to significantly enhance their impact, effectiveness as leaders, self fulfilment and results they are able to deliver to their organisation.

Eyal’s coaching is highly customised and:

  • Targeted to achieve sustainable change and visible results in a short time
  • Practical and empowering
  • Is aligned with the individual’s motivators, skills, context and values
  • Centres on helping his clients gain clarity, challenge assumptions that hold them back and explore and deploy more effective ways of leading.

Eyal offers Executive Coaching on a range of challenges and requirements and across sectors. He has particular expertise working with managers and leaders who are in the process of transitioning to the next level of leadership or are faced with other significant changes, and also with managers and leaders who want to enhance their interpersonal engagement style.

Eyal is a Partner at the Alexander Partnership where he coaches leaders alongside a number of highly experienced Executive Coaches. Further information can be found at About us – The Alexander Partnership

For Coaching inquiries please contact  or call +44 (0) 20 7224 4345  

Eyal also trains and tutors business coaches as a Faculty member at Meyler Campbell

“After coaching with Eyal I have made a significant step forward in my ability to implement strategic change and develop a group of diverse leaders. As a result, my Leadership Team is performing well, the project is on track, and the collaboration within the JV is excellent-- to the extent that it has become a topic at conferences and in trade journals.” -Senior Leader, Fortune 50 Company